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Bulk Core Web Vitals Test: The Future of SEO & Web Performance

Core Web Vitals

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Bulk Core Web Vitals Test: The Future of SEO & Web Performance

Shubham Saurabh
Aug 26, 2023


In today's digital age, a website's performance isn't just about aesthetics or content; it's also about speed, responsiveness, and user experience. With the ever-increasing number of websites, the need for monitoring  and optimizing site performance has skyrocketed. Google's Core Web Vitals have emerged as key indicators of a website's health, and Bulk Core Web Vitals Test by Auditzy is the newest tool in the kit of every webmaster, developer, and SEO expert.

What are Core Web Vitals?

Before diving deep into the Core Web Vitals Test in Bulk, it’s essential to understand the CWV metrics. Google's Core Web Vitals (CWVs) encompass three specific user interaction and page speed metrics:

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): Measures the time taken for the main content of a page to load.
  • First Input Delay (FID): Quantifies a page's time to become interactive.
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): Assesses the unexpected layout shifts on a page.

These metrics offer insights into the user experience, directly influencing SEO rankings by Providing Signals to SEO algorithms.

How to check Core Web Vitals Online?

Checking Core Web Vitals online is essential for anyone who wants to ensure their website provides an optimal user experience and ranks well on search engines. Google's Core Web Vitals focus on three key areas: Loading (LCP), Interactivity (FID), and Visual Stability (CLS). 

You can check your website, Core Web Vitals, for Free here

How is Auditzy better than PageSpeed Insights?

Auditzy and PageSpeed Insights are tools used to understand website performance and speed metrics. Both Tools provide 2 information:

  • Lab Data based Website Performance Reports 
  • Core Web Vitals Website Performance Reports

For Lab Data Performance Reports, Auditzy offers a spectrum of:

  • 40+ Devices 
  • 10+ Network Speed
  • 13+ Global Test Location, while 

Page Speed Insights Lab Data only tests any URL for:

  • One Device 
  • One Network
  • One Test Location (Which they don't disclose) leaves the user wondering about the Visitor First Persona.

For Core Web Vitals Data, Auditzy, and Page Speed Insights, use CrUX (Chrome User Experience Report), a public data set of the experience by logged-in and opt-in Chrome users.

CrUX is the only source for Core Web Vitals for anyone globally, whether it's Auditzy, PSI, or any other software.  

How is Auditzy Core Web Vital Test different from PageSpeed Insights?

Auditzy uses CrUX API and provides 2 unique features which are currently not available in PSI, and these are:

  • Core Web Vitals History of any URL for up to 6 months 
  • Bulk Core Web Vitals Test on Multiple URLs 

How to check Core Web Vitals History? 

Auditzy offers historical (upto- 6 months) Core Web Vitals data for any URL, using the CrUX API. This feature is currently not available in PageSpeed Insights and with this features you can understand the trend of any website URL performance graph of last 6 months. You can look into your own website or you can also look into your competitor websites for benchmarking or competitive analysis. 

You can learn more about How to Test Core Web Vitals Here.

Hotstar Website Core Web Vitals  6 months History 

You can also perform below actions:

  • Download Core Web Vitals History Report to share it across stakeholders 
  • White Label Reports via putting your own Logo 
  • Compare Core Web Vitals across your own website URLs as well as your competitors 
Auditzy Dashboard: CWV Comparison of 2 website (Cars24 and CarDekho)

The Magic of Bulk Core Web Vitals Test:

Auditzy has introduced a transformative feature – the Bulk Core Web Vitals Test. This tool allows for analyzing up to 5,000 URLs in a single go. Here’s why this is transformative:

  1. Mass Analysis: With the proliferation of content, many brands manage vast website portfolios. Manually checking each URL is time-consuming and impractical. Bulk testing is a timely solution.
  2. Competitive Benchmarking: Beyond just assessing your site, it’s crucial to understand where you stand in the competitive landscape. This tool also empowers brands to analyze competitor domains, providing a comprehensive market view.
  3. Continuous Core Web Vitals Monitoring: With Auditzy, you can Monitor your website's Core Web Vitals at a weekly and monthly frequency and can save time.
  4. Streamlined Reporting: Data is only as good as the insights derived. The bulk test ensures clear, concise, and actionable reports, guiding data-driven strategies.
Auditzy Dashboard: Bulk Core Web Vitals Test

With Auditzy, check Core Web Vitals in Bulk for up to 5000 URLs at once. Begin your free trial today!

SEO and Core Web Vitals: An Inseparable Duo

Search engines, especially Google, prioritize user experience. Sites that load swiftly and offer smooth interactions are more likely to rank higher. Thus, Core Web Vitals have become indispensable in the SEO toolkit:

  1. Ranking Factor: Google has incorporated these vitals as an official ranking factor. This means that websites performing well in these metrics are better positioned in the search results.
  2. User Retention: A site that’s quick and interactive reduces bounce rates. Visitors are likelier to engage with content, explore more pages, and even convert into customers.
  3. Building Trust: Slow or glitchy sites can erode user trust. Conversely, a seamless experience fosters credibility and can enhance brand loyalty.


The Bulk Core Web Vitals Test by Auditzy is not just another tool; it reflects the growing importance of user experience in the digital ecosystem. As businesses, developers, and marketers, it's our responsibility to stay ahead in the website performance and speed game.

Brands aiming for digital supremacy should embrace Auditzy, investing time and resources to harness their power entirely. After all, in the digital age, performance is not just a metric; it’s a brand statement.

Begin your 14-day free trial today. No credit card information required to start.

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