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Hassle Free Team Collaboration For Faster Website Performance Management

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Easy Onboarding

Team members can be easily onboarded to the Auditzy platform via an email invite. Team leads can choose the roles of different team members before onboarding

Add new member
Invite Team Members using email address.
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Auditzy Team Features

Create A Team
Build your team, name it, and you are good to go. In a few clicks, your team is all set and ready. Add Team Members. Send out invitation to add new members to the team. Choose members according to their skills and place them in the right spot.
Stress-free Onboarding
Monotonous account administration is a thing of the past. With Auditzy teams features, you can quickly onboard a team, add and view people, and manage multiple teams in an organization. Build separate project teams and manage respectively. It ensures better monitoring and a streamlined workforce.
Data Safety
With teams, you control what others can see or do. This way, you can avoid exposing sensitive data and information, which is unnecessary. You can also prevent unintended changes affecting the preferences with permission roles.
Ease of Navigation
Typically, navigation should be easy when you are handling multiple projects. You expect to see the most recent web pages and navigate swiftly between them instead of wasting time looking here and there. With Auditzy team collaboration, you get that ease of navigating between projects and sites almost flawlessly.
The Benefit of Data Retrieval
Any data that goes into the cloud is stored right there. One of the many privileges Auditzy offers. This is also the way to build automation and take charge. Auditzy Teams makes it easier to manage projects amongst teams without stress. Each member of a team performs audits and conducts technology lookups following business use cases. Team data is available to everyone within the team. Team owners are free to manage audits as well as counts of technology lookups for each member.

Why Choose Auditzy Teams?

With the freedom of managing multiple teams, Auditzy team collaboration makes it possible to monitor the web performance of one or many websites depending on use cases.

Specific Collaboration
Create teams based on use cases and requirements. It is a more focused approach that taps into the attention of each team member.
Better Decision
A collaborative decision comes from the best team that shares insights and reports. Team collaboration boosts insightful discussions and opens the way for feedback, which leads to improvement.
Superior Security
Individual teams are equipped to maintain respective data, insights, and reports without cross-team visibility. This improves security and prevents data breaches.
Faster Turnaround
When data is available to everyone across the team, it enables faster decision-making and quicker turnaround.
Seamless Reporting
When a team works in tandem, expert quality reports from every segment.

How to Use Teams

Start using Auditzy teams in 3 easy steps

1. Create a Team
Start by adding a team to Auditzy and assigning audits as per the use case
2. Add Team Members
Adding one or multiple team members to the created team
3. Start collaborating
Each team member will receive an invite which, once accepted, leads to the team dashboard
Create a Team
Add Team Members
Start collaborating


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