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Website Performance Management Tool For Agencies - Auditzy


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Website Performance Management Tool For Agencies - Auditzy

Shubham Saurabh
Jun 26, 2023


Are you a web development agency catering to multiple clients for website development? Or are you a web development company that helps clients optimize website performance and speed? Or are you a brand that relies on agencies to develop your websites?

If so, this blog is tailored just for you!

Introducing Auditzy: Your Website Performance Management Tool

Imagine this scenario: You've developed a website for your client and provided them with a performance report. However, they get a different performance score when they run their check using tools like the Lighthouse dev tool extension or Page Speed Insights. The confusion starts occurring here!

Why does my website have a different score on my system, while my web development agency has a different score? What could be the reason for it? Which score is correct? mine or my web development agency? 

Above situation terrifies clients, website development agencies, and web developers.

Did you know that both you and your client can be correct? 

Website performance varies based on different personas, encompassing device, network, and location factors.

The same website can yield different scores for visitors having personas like 

  • iPhone 13 on 4G Fast in Mumbai,
  • iPhone 13 on 3G Fast in Mumbai, or even 
  • iPhone 13 on 4G Fast in Texas, and so on. 

Check out our in-depth article to understand why Lighthouse Performance Score and Page Speed Insights Performance Scores keep changing.

This is where Auditzy steps in, a tool providing Visitor-First Persona approach for website performance management. It helps you comprehend website performance, speed, and accessibility across various website visitor personas. With Auditzy, you can:

  1. Manage multiple clients' website performance by creating a portfolio for each brand.
  2. White-label the reports and effortlessly share them with your clients and team members.
  3. Store data in the cloud to showcase website performance trends over time.
  4. Onboard different stakeholders by creating teams and assigning client account accordingly. You can even invite your clients to collaborate!
  5. Conduct website performance monitoring and speed tests across various devices, networks, and locations.

Auditzy isn't just a website performance management tool; it's also a powerful prospecting tool!

Imagine this: You're a web development agency seeking new clients. With Auditzy, you can track a prospect's website performance over time, gather data-driven insights, and present their website performance across personas. 

When you pitch to prospects armed with data, you'll showcase your problem-solving prowess and increase your chances of closing the deal!

Auditzy doubles as a Website Performance Optimization Tool :)

By collaborating with Lighthouse, we provide actionable insights to optimize website performance. Remember, focusing on business-aligned visitor personasis essential rather than obsessing over a perfect score.

Aim for 90+ on desktop personas and 80+ on mobile personas, and your website will be in the top 1% globally . 

Then, delve into Core Web Vitals and Real User Experience metrics. Utilize our CrUX feature to understand how real users interact with the website, leveraging data collected from logged-in Chrome users who have visited your website.

We offer a Free Core Web Vitals history checker tool to help you analyze the last six months' trends in Core Web Vitals. It provides insights at the page and domain levels, showing how many users meet performance metrics in real time. 

Replicate these personas with Auditzy to ensure consistent optimization.

To identify devices, you can extract mobile devices' screen sizes from Google Analytics and run Auditzy's website speed test on devices with similar screen sizes.


In conclusion, Auditzy is the best solution for web development agencies and SEO professionals seeking efficient website performance management. Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple client websites and the confusion caused by varying performance scores. With Auditzy, you can easily monitor and optimize website performance across different personas, providing accurate insights and actionable recommendations.

Whether you're managing multiple client portfolios, white-labelling reports, or storing data in the cloud to track performance trends, Auditzy has you covered. It empowers you to streamline your workflow, collaborate with clients and team members, and deliver exceptional results.

Not only does Auditzy simplify client management, but it also serves as a powerful prospecting tool. By tracking prospects' website performance and presenting data-driven insights, you can confidently showcase your expertise, solve their problems, and close deals

We Offer a 14-day Free Trial for all users and we do not seek credit card information :)

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