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What is Headless Commerce?


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What is Headless Commerce?

Shubham Saurabh
Mar 28, 2023

Headless Commerce: The Future of E-commerce Architecture

The word headless is a necessary term, and it's not new. It's been there in the IT industry for decades now. What's new is how it is revolutionizing the e-commerce industry in technology.

Before deep-diving into the nuances of Headless Commerce, let's try to understand the term "Headless" first. 

Please don't feel bad about this term, and it's not fatal in technology. It's the best way to develop web applications these days 😜

Headless terminology is widely used when detaching something from any system's body.

Let me give you an example of the same; you are reading this article right now in front of your screen. This screen where you interact goes by the name "Presentation Layer," There must be the whole back-end that allows me to write this article and then send it to you as a reader, known as the "Business Layer."

In technical terms, Headless Commerce is the decoupling of the Front-end (Presentation Layer) and the Back-end (Business Layer) of any e-commerce application.

Now the next question comes to mind. Why it's needed? 

The answer is simple. If website Speed, Security, and Scalability are your primary focus, then headless commerce is the right choice because it's an architecture that combines multiple technology stacks and nested architectures like:

  • Static Site Generator(s) like Next JS, Gatsby JS, etc
  • Headless CMS(s) like Strapi, Storyblok, etc
  • Commerce Layers Like Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, etc
  • Custom Microservices like Payments, Order Management, Inventory Management, etc

Static Site generators are to create the presentation layer with next-gen technology frameworks for blazing-fast speed and security of the website.

Headless CMSs are for faster content management without technical knowledge, and the GTM for marketing campaigns increases by 40%.

Commerce Layers are for business handling of the e-commerce application.

Microservices are for advanced development and custom development of the eCommerce ecosystem.

It is visible that having a Headless Commerce solution for your digital e-commerce store is the moment's need.

Jamsfy developed the website of one of the best leading Fashion & Apparel brands in India goes by the name DaMenschwith Headless Commerce architecture to help them migrate from Monolithic architecture to Headless.

Auditzywas used to validate the website Performance, Accessibility, SEO, Security, and HAR (Network Monitoring) in the best possible manner and keep a check on the health with continuous monitoring, which gives us insights to understand where we need to optimize for speed, security and performance of the website. We also perform the competitor analysis to know where the other brands are in the industry.

If you want to learn more about Headless Commerce, visit Headless Commerce videos here.

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