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Relative mCvR - A metric for optimising Mobile Sites conversion rate


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Relative mCvR - A metric for optimising Mobile Sites conversion rate

Shubham Saurabh
Mar 28, 2023

What is Rel mCvR?

Relative Mobile Conversion Rate (Rel mCvR) calculates the relative difference in Mobile and Desktop conversion rates for web-first businesses.

Study shows that for digital commerce businesses, around 70% of the total traffic comes from Mobile devices. With this number, it's crucial to understand the Mobile Site conversion rate compared to the desktop site of the same business.

The higher the conversion rate for mobile sites, the higher the revenue. As more and more of your customers use mobile devices, you must ensure your mobile conversion rate keeps up and maintains your revenue.

Rel mCvR Calculation

You can monitor your mobile website performance by reviewing your Relative Mobile Conversion Rate (Rel mCvR), calculated by dividing the mobile conversion rate by the desktop conversion rate.

Rel mCvR

There are many prospects for tracking speed metrics, but linking them to business metrics can be tricky. The same campaigns and seasonalities reach both mobile and desktop. Hence, the Relative move metric ribbons away from the influence of these external parameters and only show whether the mobile site is improving.

Two main parameters influence mobile and desktop conversion rates. 

  1. Traffic influencers can be things like channel mix, marketing campaigns, or seasonality.
  2. Website performance, for example, User Experience (UX) and site speed.

These can cause your mobile or desktop conversion rate to go up or down.

The benefit of using Rel mCvR to evaluate your mobile performance is that traffic influencers tend not to impact the metric. Why? Because the same campaigns and seasonalities will reach mobile and desktop versions of your website, a good marketing campaign will increase the mobile and desktop conversion rate but leave Rel mCvR stable. Evaluating the metric over time will show us if we have improved our mobile website.

Things to keep in mind when evaluating Rel mCvR: 

  • Continuously keep an eye on your desktop conversion rate. If Rel mCvR has an uncommon peak, check if it's due to the desktop site having a technical problem that decreased the desktop conversion rate.
  • Track your Rel mCvR on a regular frequency (weekly recommended). Because the metric is completely based on your entire website's performance, pushing for improvement will take time. Daily data inspection can be too volatile; look for the large movements over time instead.
  • Be mindful that companies with physical stores may never reach 100 per cent in Rel mCvR, as mobile is often used for research purposes before or while visiting a store. Around 70% is a good target to start.
Source: Google

How to improve your mobile site and Rel mCvR

Improving your mobile site speed and performance can increase your conversion rate by 50%. With Auditzy, you can check for website performance across 40+ Devices, 10+ Networks and 12+ Locations.

Different Viewport can impact performance and UX differently, and it gets more complicated when combined with various networks like 4G, Fast 3G, 5G, Wi-fi etc.

We at Auditzy‚ĄĘ, make sure that any business can get these relevant details for their business, and can optimise their mobile site with ease and continual monitoring with our Scheduling feature

You can check mobile site speed performance for free by clicking here.

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